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From Ugly Duckling to Swan

I decided, after I posted my progress on the little girl, that she was in fact rather an “ugly duckling”. I spent a couple of days, filled with angst, before I figured out what was wrong. I made a number of changes to her face, and hair (and straightened her eyes), and am much happier with the result. Part of the problem, with the look of the little girl, was the lack of eyebrows (see previous post). Also, I felt that her hair looked too orange, so out came the Tsukineko inks. I figured that if I hated the changes, I could always give her new hair. I am pleased to say that all worked out well! The new colour looks much nicer, and the highlights and shadows are in place. She also now has feet and shoes which helps. Don’t you just love her strappy sandals?!

A little standing on a beach, holding a sand pail.

Girl in sunsuit revisited

I am now creating a beach scene in the background, complete with sand castle! So far, I only have a piece of paper standing in for the sand castle, as a prop, to see how it will fit in to the scene. I didn’t have a fabric that I liked for the water, so I painted some white fabric with Setacolor transparent paint. I love the look of the rolling waves.  A small island in the distance helps with perspective and a piece of multicolour fabric is pinned in place, as a test, to see if I like it for the sand pail. If this piece is like any of my other works in progress, it will undergo several more changes before its final look. Do you go with the flow when you are working on a piece, or do you have a plan and stick to it? I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.