What’s holding you back?

Is there something holding you back from what you would like to do or try?

There are many things that can hold us back from achieving our desires.

One of the top ones is self doubt. If we think that we cannot do something we are right. Interestingly, though, is if we think that we can do something we are also right!

Mindset plays a huge part in what we can accomplish. If we think we can we are more likely to try and therefore to succeed. If you don’t try, you will never succeed and you will never get anywhere.

Sometimes we need to act “as if”.

As if we were an art quilter of fibre artist. The idea is to think about what someone like that would do to further their skills and take action accordingly.

A second factor

–  being a perfectionist. I struggle with this one. I had a father who would rip out half a sweater that he was knitting because of one tiny mistake (barely visible) he had made early on. It is very tough to try to live to that standard of perfection as it is unattainable and makes us miserable in its pursuit.

You are never able to appreciate what you have created but instead, see all the things you could/should have done differently.

I liked my Mother’s philosophy when she was teaching to wallpaper – yes, back in the days of wallpaper! She said that I needed to learn to fix mistakes, as it was inevitable that I would make some. A much more freeing idea! And one that I try to use to this day.

The third factor

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

–  “going it alone“. You search the internet for clues and follow a bunch of different people to see what they are doing and try to decipher it all by yourself.

This can work for some but it takes a lot of time and energy and it is a lot easier if you seek out a course or workshop for advice, tips and tricks and get support to learn something new.

As Margaret Burger said about my workshop Facial Expressions (everything you want to know about fabric faces):

Older woman wearing glasses and smiling

“I wanted to learn how to do faces in fabric. I was looking all over the internet and could not find the specific way I would like to do it.

The live sessions in the workshop helped me to see that other people also struggle with the same issues.

I would recommend this workshop to anybody who is passionate about fabric and art. It put me on another level.

It helped me to realize that I can be an artist. I always wanted to be one! ”

quilted portrait of a man


Would you like to feel like an artist too and be able create a fabric portrait of someone you love?

Check out my workshop Facial Expressions which is open on an ongoing basis for registration.

There are lots of great bonuses included:

  • The Eyes Have It mini-course
  • PDF on Choosing a Good Photo 
  • PDF on Accurate Shading of a Face


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