Fibre Art Workshops

March 10 & 17, 2017

Facial Expressions

Studio Workshop Winnipeg, MB

May 4 – 7, 2017

SAQA Western Canada Retreat, Green Bay Bible Camp, Kelowna, BC

Photographing your Quilts

Stamping and Printing on Fabric

May 11 – 12, 2017  

                                      Finishing your Quilts (blocking  and squaring your quilts, borders,                                                        bindings and facings

Lake of the Woods Quilt Guild, Kenora, ON

June 3 & 4, 2017

                                    Fibre PotPourri, Red Deer, AB

Stamping and Printing on Fabric


Foundation Level Fabric Dyeing


June 17 & 18, 2017

Facial Expressions – fabric portraits

Prairie Piecemakers’ Quilt Guild, Regina, SK


October 24 & 25, 2017

Facial Expressions – Fabric Portraits

(location to be determined)

Mountain Cabin Quilters’ Guild

Canmore, AB

October 27 & 28, 2017

Facial Expressions – Fabric Portraits

Dawson Creek Piecemakers’ Guild

Dawson Creek, BC


Interested in a workshop?

Lectures: $200

Valerie requires a minimum of one lecture and one workshop if travelling more than 100 miles from home.

Workshops (for up to 15 students): $400. Additional students may be added at $20.00 per student, per day, up to a maximum of 20 students, providing the classroom space is adequate.

For my complete contract please email me at

Facial Expressions (2 – 3 days)

Head and shoulders close-up of man's face in a quilt.




Have you ever wanted to create a portrait of a friend, or family member, in fabric, but you don’t know where to start? Or have a fear of not being able to create a good likeness? This is the workshop for you.




You will learn how to:

– choose a photo appropriate for a portrait

– develop a pattern from your photo

–  select appropriate fabrics

– use fabric placement to create                                                                                                                                      depth and realism  

– stitch and quilt your portrait                                                            

In this workshop you will create a head and shoulders fabric portrait from a photo of your choice using a fusible appliqué method.

In the 2 day workshop, most students (depending on the complexity of their design) will complete the fabric placement for their portrait. Stitching techniques will be demonstrated. Some students will start the stitching/thread painting.

In the 3 day workshop, all students will have completed the fabric placement, and have started stitching and thread painting their portraits.

Comprehensive notes, with step by step instructions and abundance of photos, are provided for both workshops.


People in Nature (1 day) – Confident Beginner or Intermediate)

Picture of two children watching the mokeys at the zoo.


Do you want to create a fabric picture of your kids at the lake, or of a friend out walking?

This workshop is for you. It is designed to teach students how to create a landscape, but also how to include people in same.

Students will work from their own photos. Assistance will be provided in choosing photos, and getting them ready, for the class.


This workshop is designed for a small project. Maximum size of the piece is to be 18” in either height, or width.

If students would like to do a larger project, I would recommend a 2 day workshop so that the students can get the background completed, and have time add the people to the piece.

If so desired, the instructor can provide a design for the workshop.


Creating your own Fabric by Stamping/Printing (1 day) – Beginner

Class sample of stamped fabric

This workshop is designed with a focus of stamping on fabric, but would be of interest to scrapbookers as well.

Students will learn how to create their own designs on fabric and will be given suggestions on how to use these fabrics in their quilts.

The workshop covers:

  • using found objects for printing and stamping
  • students creating their own stamp designs using various materials, and then using these stamps to make designs on fabric.


I will provide stamp materials, and cutting tools, for creating the stamps. There will be an opportunity for students to purchase a set of cutting tools/additional stamp supplies, after the workshop, if they should wish to do so.

Kit fee – $16 covers printing supplies and paint/ink.


Fabric Dyeing for Beginners (1 day)

Sample for Fabric Dyeiing Workshops



Learn how to create gradations of a colour from light to dark and how to create a luscious rainbow of colours. Come and play, and create wonderful colourful fabrics.


Students will go home with wonderful memories and some fabulous hand-dyed fabrics. This workshop uses Procion MX dyes.


Kit fee: $20 for dyes and other supplies.




Fabric Dyeing Advanced (1 day)


Students will learn the following dyeing techniques:

– colour runs

– mandelas

– shibori techniques


This workshop uses Procion MX dyes.   

Kit fee: $20 for dyes and other supplies









Bouquet-licious  (1 day) – Beginner


 This is a great beginner art quilt project. Students will create a bouquet of flowers from large print floral fabrics and use free motion stitching to enhance the flowers and background. Simple quilting and a border complete the picture.

Students will learn about focal points, composition and balance while creating a simple bouquet of flowers.

This bouquet of flowers will look wonderful on anyone’s wall. A lovely little gift to make for a friend (or to keep for yourself).

Finished size of projectApprox. 9” x 13”, but may be larger, dependent on the vase size and shape.



Finishing Touches (1 day) – Beginner

Learn how to give your quilt those finishing touches that help to create a masterpiece.

This workshop includes:

Adding Borders (including mitred borders)

Blocking and Squaring your Quilt (ensures a flat, even quilt)

Bindings (with a simple joining technique)

Facings (basic)




Photographing your Quilts (1 day)


Do you want to send in an entry to a quilt show or other exhibit?

Would you like to have a photographic record of your quilts?


Do you want to take photos of your own quilts, rather than paying a professional photographer to do it?

You can do it! No expensive equipment needed!

Learn all about the ins and outs of photographing your own quilts and how to get great quality photos.

Students will practice taking photos of quilts during the workshop.


Lecture/Trunk show – “Not your Grandmother’s Quilts”

An engaging account of an art quilter’s journey from traditional quilts, to her current adventures in art quilting. Valerie will do a PowerPoint presentation, and bring a variety of quilts representing her journey.


Instructor – Valerie Wilson Fibre Artist  

 Valerie has been quilting for the last 15 years and combines her love of fabric with the themes of nature and people. She uses a fused collage style of quilt making. Valerie’s award winning art quilts have been shown nationally and internationally and she is the Membership Coordinator for the Fibre Art Network, and the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) representative for Saskatchewan/Manitoba. Her current series of quilts feature vintage portraits. Check out Valerie’s work at