Creating your Pattern for your Fabric Portrait

What to use for creating the pattern for your fabric portrait?

When I’m creating a fabric portrait I often use tracing paper. This is what I’m used to and find that it meets my needs. Besides, I have a lightbox to use if I have difficulty seeing the detail.

However, when teaching classes I’ve found that students like something easier to see through than tracing paper.

I’ve suggested clear plastic. The kind you find in inexpensive table covers or shower curtains as it’s easy to find and very affordable.

One of the problems with using plastic though is that the Sharpie used to create the pattern doesn’t always erase well with rubbing alcohol and leaves faint lines.

pattern for fabric portrait

pattern for fabric portrait

This can create problems when you do a lot of edits.

What is the best material to use when creating your pattern for a fabric portrait?

Recently I took a class where the instructor asked for Duralar (for wet media) as one of the supplies. This was a wonderful discovery!

The Sharpie erases completely which makes the Duralar reuseable. It is expensive but is a valuable tool for those who love creating fabric portraits.

A friend invested in a roll of it so she can use it for any project that she has in mind. Duralar is available in art supply stores and on Amazon.

What do you like to use for creating your pattern for a fabric portrait?


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