How to Create Fabric Portraits

Do you want to learn how to create fabric portraits?

Here is some information on the 2 books I’ve written on creating fabric portraits

The original book, now out in an updated version, is Quilted Faces.

Picture of a book cover with a quilted portrait

This book is for beginners. The hope is that this will help them “dip their toes” into creating fabric portraits. I hope that this book will help quilters get over the problem of wanting to create a portrait but fearing failure.

This book is a step-by-step look at creating a fabric portrait based on the famous Johannes Vermeer painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. 

The pattern is provided with step-by-step instructions beginning with detailing the supplies needed. The next sections are on how to understand values/shading, and choosing fabrics. Following this are the steps in creating the actual portrait and how to quilt the completed portrait.

This book is available on Amazon. For your convenience, I’ve included 2 of the links. One for Canada and one for the U.S. My books are available on several other Amazon sites.

Here is the link for

and for

Also available is a kit of supplies and tools. The kit includes the hand-dyed skin tone fabric. Some items can be ordered individually.

The kit can be ordered here

If you do not see what you want in the store, please contact me as I will be adding products over time.

Error in the first edition of the book – the link for purchasing supplies is incorrect! Please go here to my store.



Creating Fabric Portraits

This is my second book and is a comprehensive look at how to go from a photograph to a completed portrait.

Cover of the book Creating Fabric Portraits

This book is my portraits course in book form and goes through all the details of how to create fabric portraits from start to finish. 

There’s an option (mentioned in the book) to access the videos from the course as well.

This book is also available on Amazon.