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Inspiration in Downtown Winnipeg?

Last Sunday I went on a Photo walk in downtown Winnipeg, organized by Don’s Photo . People were encouraged to bring their cameras (not camera phones) and focus on Colour. I was looking for something fun to do and this sounded like it! About 40 people showed up and we had a beautiful sunny, warm day. We wandered along a predetermined route, and were encouraged to take photos of whatever inspired us. Staff were available to answer questions about photography, and help with cameras, if needed.  I had a ball! I really had my doubts that I would see much that I would find interesting. It turned out not to be a problem. I have over a hundred photos! Here is a sample of a few:   Reflection, modern buildings   This reflection was really neat! It looks as though one building is inset into another one. Nice contrast between the modern buildings and the old church too.

leaves, plants, nature

This plant was very colourful and fit the criteria for  the day.

 flowers, nature, plants, photography

These flowers were great too!

 shadows, silhouette, photography   A photo of me, taking a picture of my shadow. You can see how lovely and sunny it was that day.

spire, churches, cathedral, photography  A unique view of St. Mary’s Cathedral.

reflections, cathedral, church, modern buildings

reflections, glass walls, photography, modern buildings

These reflections on the sides of buildings were very captivating!

Will any of these find their way into quilts? I am thinking about the leaves and the flowers. The reflection might be interesting in an abstract quilt. Hmmmm…. Tell me where you have found inspiration in unexpected places.