Exhibition Update

Well, I didn’t get them all sewn down before I left for Quilt Canada, but I was happy with what I had done. I knew, that I only had a few more pieces of fabric to sew down, once I got back home.

The plan is to get these guy done by mid-June, for my solo exhibition, so I have to concentrate and work hard!


The kids were cut off the backing that I had used – in this case, stabilizer. I will never use this again as it is too stiff, and wrinkles badly. Lesson learned! I was able to cut some of it away but left the rest in place.

The kids were then placed on the background that I created.


I found a lovely fabric, at a local quilt shop, that looked to me a lot like falling snow. Wonderful for the sky! 

The trees I had painted were appliqued to the background. I played with positioning them as I wanted them to act as a frame for the kids on the sleigh.

Then on to sewing everything down. It always surprises me how long it takes. Why I don’t know, as I have done this many times. Maybe wishful thinking that it will be faster this time!

As seen below this piece had more snow added and further detail on the faces.


The next step is the quilting. First, the detail quilting the boys, and then on to the background.

I always have a hard time coming up with names for my art. Is this a problem for you too?

I am trying to think of a name for this quilt. Perhaps the Four Musketeers. What do you think? What name would you give this piece? Can you help me out? I would love it if you would!

Last minute changes

Based on a comment by a reader – Thanks Marg – I added further detail to the eyes of the boy at the front of the sleigh. My husband says “he is now looking at you and not staring”. Check it out below:

Eyes on boy at front of sleigh have added detail.

Eyes on the boy in front of sleigh have added detail.

I like the change!

7 thoughts on “Exhibition Update

  1. Marnie

    This is beautiful Val. The detail of the children is fantastic. I have a tip for you as I recently saw another winter scene. The artist used an organza overlay that had snowflakes embossed on it. Maybe you can find some for your back ground prior to putting the boys on top. Lovely work again. Congrats!

    1. Valerie Wilson Post author

      I did consider using a sheer over the background. However, I found some fabric that has a bit of metallic on it that I used for the snow. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Sally Simmons

    Great progress, Val! Love the retro feel. My idea for the title is “Snow Day 1946” (or whatever the year is) I’m sure kids back then loved having a day off from school to play in the snow just like kids today.

    1. Valerie Wilson Post author

      Thanks for your comment. I felt that somehow his eyes looked too adult. I will look again at his eyes and see what I can do.


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