Sun and Sand

A little girl in a sunsuit holding a sand pail.

A little girl in a sunsuit holding a sand

My latest vintage portrait is one of a little girl with a sand pail. I loved her smile, the funky sun suit, pail and sandals. Don’t you just love the tan line on her legs? It looks as though she normally wears longer shorts.

Since so much of her face is in dark shadow, the trick was to create what I couldn’t see.

I think that she is coming along fairly well. Her face will gain more definition after adding stitching.

It is always hard to remember that the stitching adds so much life, and detail, to the portrait.

And now, I see below, that I need to move one of her irises, as she is looking a little cross-eyed.


Girl started

Girl started

I have changed her hair twice now, as I didn’t like the first set of highlights that I did. And originally I had given her a little flip of hair on the left side but decided it looked odd, so cut it off. I like the rounded look of the cap of hair better.

Do you make adjustments as you work, or do you keep to a set path in your work?

I find photos a great help for me to notice little things that need adjusting. It is so easy now with digital cameras!

Do you take photos of your work as you go?

2 thoughts on “Sun and Sand

  1. Marnie Houston

    It’s looking great Val. Love the features you’ve got so far. How do you know which colors to use when working with a black & white. I have a couple of photos from family that I want to do but unsure of how to convert b & w to color. I do take photos of my work as I go along and also make minor changes as I go. I let the fabric take on a life of it’s own and use the photo for a guideline.

    1. Valerie Wilson Post author


      Thank you! I have done some adjusting on the features, since that photo so she is looking even better now! I will post a new one soon.
      When working from black and white you are basically using a value scale. You can use whatever colours you like, as long as the values are right. For my vintage portraits, I usually research the era and choose colours accordingly. Hope that that helps!


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