Creating a Dynamic Fabric Portrait by Focusing on Value Challenge

Image of a fabric portrait of a little girl.

This is a FREE challenge to help quilters learn more about value in colour and how best to use value effectively when creating fabric portraits.


Do any (or all) of these describe you?

I want to know how to blend values.

I want to be able to determine value in fabrics.

I want to be able to select fabrics in the right values for a portrait.

I want to be able to to use shading to create dimension


Imagine for a moment what it would be like to:

  • easily identify value and choose fabrics effortlessly
  • know how to blend values
  • create depth and shading in a portrait

This can happen!

By putting into practice what I’ll be teaching in this challenge, you’ll see how easy this can be.

Learn what value can do to add dimension, realism and excitement to your art quilts!

Join the Challenge Now!

I look forward to seeing you there!


Valerie Wilson Fibre Artist

P.S. REgistration open now  – Facial Expressions workshop!


4 thoughts on “Creating a Dynamic Fabric Portrait by Focusing on Value Challenge

    1. Valerie Wilson Post author

      Debbie – You can still access the Challenge by clicking on the link in the blog post. It will be up for at least a few more days.
      Enjoy! Val

    1. Valerie Wilson Post author


      The challenge will be held again in about 1 week from today. Since you are now on my mailing list you will hear about it.


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